Medical Uses of Boswellia - Arthritis Cure Or Not?

Boswellia is a kind of herbal plant which became very popular due to its soothing fragrance. Boswellia has been known to be used in various treatments ayuverdic. This herb is considered one of the best natural anti-inflammatory. For natural antiinflammatory which means that no chemical additives to the drug or medicine. This herb can be regarded as particularly helpful for people who are fans of alternative medicine. Alternative medicine includes several natural ways of treating the disease and preventive measures.

Compared to other standard drug of choice for rheumatic boswellia extract is beneficial, since it is less toxic and more potent. The various benefits of boswellia include increased mobility, reduced joint swelling action, steroid use, less morning stiffness and grip strength improved. It is very useful in improving the quality of life in general, both to the problem of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Health Benefits: Research has identified specific active anti-inflammatory herb, which are commonly known as boswellic acids. In animal studies, these acids have been shown to significantly reduce inflammation in several ways. boswellic acids deter inflammatory white cells from infiltrating damaged tissue. Improve blood flow to the joints. They also block chemical reactions that set the stage for chronic inflammation that occurs in intestinal disorders such as Crohn disease and ulcerative colitis. Boswellia may help relieve symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Boswellia can be taken internally and applied topically to affected joints to relieve inflammation associated with these joint disorders.

A study shows the effectiveness of their use to treat your pain in the joints. Thirty patients with osteoarthritis of the knee participated in a 2003 study. Half the patients received a daily measure of Frankinsense Indian and the other half received a placebo. After eight weeks the groups were crossed over to the opposite action. All patients who received the supplement reported that their knee pain has been reduced substantially and could walk farther without pain than normal. The swelling in the knee joint was also reduced.

Other studies have shown anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. The diseases have been studied with good results have been reported include rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and bursitis.

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